Logan Day Outreach

Community Event that is free to Logan Twp Residents in Swedesboro NJ.

We coordinated with fellow Swedesboro FLL Team, Lunabots which was great to direct kids to the First league for their age and inspire current FLL students for the next level of competitive robotics.
Spoke to 20-30 about attending the Robot Run next week. Gave a way tons of flyers for the run.
Caught up to one of the friend’s mom and confirmed they will be at the robot run.
We had 4-5 individuals interested in joining the FTC team of which 2 were female. We are looking to add more female members to our team. We shared the coach’s email address to contact directly to join our team.
Agreed to help the FLL team with their notebook.

Our honorary team member Karly showed her former classmates the robotics team and what we were building.

Made robot gummies and chocolates as give aways.

October 6, 2018  Building at Logan Day

We used this day as a build day to show the community exactly what we are doing and it was necessary to build to have the robot ready for the Duel on the Delaware in two weeks.
Built holder for both REV hubs with Tetrix U Channels

Cut out more Dragon heads out of ¾” plywood to make up the 3” minimum using jigsaw

Cut and filed Plexiglas for our team number and sponsor display on the robot.

We ordered pizza from Momma Francesca – supporting a bronze sponsor
We were next to the airbrush tattoo tent and had awesome team tattoos!

We were next to the airbrush tattoo tent and had awesome team tattoos!