Student-Led Research to Aid in Early Injury Detection and Prevention

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School Complex in Atlantic City has achieved remarkable success with the launch of a new STEM offering in their Choice period. Choice period allows students to pursue hobbies and passion projects. Jason Holmstrom, a dedicated teacher at MLK and coach of the Black Panthers, spearheaded implementation of this class offering. One of the notable achievements of his students was their participation in FIRST LEGO League Challenge, where they conducted research that led to the development of groundbreaking body scan suit designs. The students were determined to utilize cutting-edge technology to detect existing injuries, predict future injuries, and aid in injury recovery.

Inspired by the green screen suits used in the film industry for visual effects, the students aimed to utilize multiple cameras to track sensors via Bluetooth. This innovative approach would enable the identification of irregularities in joint movement, flexibility, and motion. Specifically, they planned to employ surface mechanomyography (sMMG) sensors to track and measure the physical force exerted during muscle contractions. The students hypothesized that this design would allow the sensors to transmit information back to the cameras. When combined with augmented reality glasses, this technology would provide real-time visualization of trouble spots.

“Our mission is to equip the younger generation with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the future,” affirms Kathy Simpkins, president of South Jersey Robotics. “This project exemplifies the immense potential of these students when provided with the right tools and opportunities to succeed.”


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Student-Led Research to Aid in Early Injury Detection and Prevention

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