LUNATECS Launch Robotics Camp

From July 25 – 29, 2022, eight students filled the LUNATECS Robotics Lab to participate in the first robotics camp offered by Team 316. Utilizing LEGO Mindstorms EV-3 models, the students designed and built robots to compete in a unique sumo-style competition.  On Monday the students were given an introduction to the FIRST Robotics method, including the core values of discovery, innovation, impact, inclusion, teamwork, and fun. Campers were introduced to their student counselors, all of whom have participated in FIRST programs starting with FIRST Lego League.


ROBOQuest Inaugural Class

Starting with a basic LEGO Mindstorms brick (pictured, left) the campers set to work brainstorming ideas and building the base of the their robot. By Tuesday, attachments and wheels were added, along with further upgrades and revisions. Wednesday’s camp included a shop tour, a demo of the LUNATECS’ 125-pound FRC Competition robot, and a chance to get their LEGO bots into the sumo circle for their first contests.

Thursday was a heavy testing and upgrading day. Campers were given another attachment slot to build and they had their first offical rounds of head to head competition in the ring. Competitions were completed on Friday, crowning the winning bot.

Student Counselors guide campers through building their robot bases

Robots compete in the sumo style ring

Throughout the week, campers completed timed LEGO building challenges. As a reward for successful completion, the campers got to “pie” one of their counselors!

Sujit gets pied!

LUNATECS Launch Robotics Camp

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