DinoBots to Represent South Jersey at Mid Atlantic Innovation Solutions Competition 2023

Of all the FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams in the Southern NJ District, the DinoBots were chosen to compete for the FIRST Mid Atlantic 2023 Innovation Solutions Award at Lehigh University on April 8th at Stabler Arena. SJR is proud of the work put into the team’s project, which earned them a spot in this competition – the first of its kind on the East Coast! The team spoke with professionals in the Nuclear Power industry and learned it uses massive amounts of river and ocean water daily to manage the plants’ operating temperature. They discovered our South Jersey nuclear plant uses 1.728 billion gallons of water a day from the Delaware River and returns the water to the river 15 – 17* F warmer than when it was extracted. To reduce the amount of thermal pollution by a significant 7.5* F, they invented the Coolinator. Their innovative design brings water that is extracted from the Delaware River to cool the plant, traveling 20 feet underground, to enter a 520-foot-long aluminum water fin flute (A.K.A. the Coolinator). The water fin flue is 315 feet wide x 1 foot high ensuring the most amount of water touches the cool aluminum. The water is further cooled by the 440 fins covering the outside of the flue thereby reducing the thermal pollution by 7.5* F before re-entering the natural environment. 


DinoBots to Represent SJ at Mid Atlantic Innovation Solutions Competition

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