FRC Team 316 the LUNATECS provided loads of LEGOs for creative play when FTC Team 7071 the EngiNerds hosted a family STEAM night December 8, 2017, featuring Jarrett Lerner, author of the book Enginerds.  A great fun STEAM night was held at the Ashley Building, 40 E. Commerce St, Bridgeton, NJ 08302.

Over 50 people came out to play with robots and meet the author of the great new book, Enginerds, Jarrett Lerner. Some even get their books signed!

They didn’t have to stop for dinner – pizza and pie were provided!  All were welcome to join Families to College and the FIRST Robotics FTC Team 7071 Enginerds for a special visit from Jarrett Lerner, author of Enginerds.

Book Overview: The battle between boys and bots is on in this funny, fast-paced novel.

Ken is an Enginerd, one of a super-smart group of friends—all nerds—who have been close since kindergarten.

They may be brainiacs, but they’re just like everyone else: they fight with one another, watch too much TV, eat Chinese food, and hate walking their dogs. Well, maybe not just like everyone, because Ken’s best friend, Dan, has been building robots. He then secretly sent one to each of the Enginerds, never letting them know he’s the mastermind.

At first Ken is awed and delighted: what kid hasn’t dreamed of having a robot all their own? Someone who can be their friend, clean their room, walk the dog, answer homework questions…how amazing is that?

“A boisterous balance of potty humor and geek pride in this rollicking young engineer’s adventure.” — Kirkus Reviews