Changing the world is an aggressive goal, but with your support we get closer every day. Our nonprofit South Jersey Robotics is part of FIRST® Robotics and both organizations run on donor dollars from individuals, small businesses, organizations, and corporations.  We can’t change lives without your help.

Changing Lives

As a longtime mentor and supporter of South Jersey Robotics, I am privileged to watch our students achieve the amazing.  Our robotics students design solutions to challenges that are incredible!  I’ve seen students who wouldn’t say a word to someone when they joined our team turn into students who stand up in front of a crowd of thousands, screaming for their team to cheer for them.  Some of our students are so-called “classified” in school, but on our teams, they are rock stars as their true genius shines!  Some students start out knowing nothing about STEM and end up choosing to become an engineer.  Almost all of them go on to college and good careers.

If you would like to be part of our story by helping us with our fundraising, please contact us for the best way to do that.  If FIRST inspires you, please make your FIRST gift of any amount today. #myFIRSTgift #FIRSTinspiresme