South Jersey Robotics is pleased to be recognized for its all-volunteer nonprofit this year: Bob Shyrock Community Service Award 2016

“On behalf of the Board of Directors at the Volunteer Center of South Jersey, we are very proud and pleased to inform you that you have been chosen for the Bob Shyrock Community Service Award 2016, which is a highly prestigious award level here in our South Jersey community. You have been awarded this honor by Volunteer Center of South Jersey, who also congratulates and thanks you for your commitment, sincerity and dedication this year.”

South Jersey Robotics will be presented with this award at “the Spirit of Community Celebration (which) is South Jersey’s premiere civic event that celebrates the extraordinary efforts of our region’s volunteers. Government officials, media, nonprofit organizations, corporations and service-minded leaders come together for one night to honor the contributions made daily by our friends, neighbors, and family members. This event offers our community the unique opportunity to recognize and appreciate local heroes who work tirelessly to make South Jersey a vibrant place to live.”

Volunteer Center of South Jersey and South Jersey Robotics

In 2016, South Jersey Robotics began a partnership with the Volunteer Center of South Jersey.  This partnership resulted in an opportunity to submit our nonprofit for some of their annual awards.  We were surprised and pleased when we learned that we won the coveted Bob Shyrock Community Service Award in 2016.  South Jersey Robotics is an all-volunteer organization and our volunteers put in a lot of service hours mentoring and coaching students in grades K-12.  It was an honor to win this award.

Sandee Rodriguez and Kathy Simpkins were proud to attend the “Spirit of Community Celebration” on behalf of South Jersey Robotics to receive the award.  They were also pleased to accept volunteer awards on behalf of Rosanne Danner, SJR president, who was out of the country and unable to attend.  Rosanne was recognized for over 100 hours of service as a volunteer to South Jersey Robotics.